Welcome to my graphic design page. Included in my online portfolio is just a minuscule portion of the work I have created in my career. I have spent the last 16 years designing print items including business cards, flyers, magazine advertisements, brochures, postcards, pocket folders, t-shirts, product packaging and just about any marketing material that needs a brand presence.

Global Foundries Brochure

I designed this brochure using photoshop and indesign. It was one of the first brochures developed for Global Foundries during the launch of their new chip fab plant in Malta, NY. It was used at a few different technology conventions to help in the recruitment process and to exhibit some of their new technologies.


Global Foundries Poster

This is one of multiple ads I put together using photoshop to launch the brand as a global community leader. The idea was originally established by a colleague and I to reflect the concept of Global Foundries showing a positive influence in everything around us.


Taylor Made Thoroughbred Guide

This is a desktop I put together back in the day using photoshop. Everything in this design was created in photoshop.


Tully Rinckey

This is a sales sheet and business card design created using indesign and photoshop for a Albany based law firm.


Commercial Capital Training Brochure

This is a brochure that I created using photoshop and indesign to assist candidates for our program get more information on our business opportunity.


Prime Commercial Lending Rate Sheet

This is a commercial lending rate sheet that I created using indesign for use to show new lending products and new rates.


Valeant Conference Postcard

I developed this event flyer in illustrator. It was used to promote a medical seminar focusing on manipulating the dopamine system. I was granted the freedom to develop the concept and implement the design.


Zen Again Wellness Spa Pamphlet

This is a pamphlet that I created using photoshop and indesign for a Saratoga based Wellness Spa to promote their services and products.


Shelter Skate Park Event Postcard

This is a postcard I designed, using photoshop, to launch the opening of skate park in Albany, NY. I really like this piece, I think it is simple yet very eye catching. This postcard was used to increase awareness of upcoming skateboarding events. It featured a mini calendar that highlighted the days the park was having events.


Shelter Skate Park Summer Brochure

This is one of many brochures I put together for The Shelter Skate Park. I chose to highlight this one in particular because of the edginess of the design. It highlights the parks services, pricing, events, programs and camps, products and photos. It was a great marketing tool to help deliver brand awareness and generate more business.


Star Wars Insider Advertisement

This is an ad I designed for Entertainment Earth and Hasbro. The ad ran in Star Wars Insider and being a huge star wars fan, it was a nice feeling to be a part of this project. The advertisement features ten astromech droids that can be seen in the background of the different Star Wars movies. The original concept was developed by Star Wars super fan, Adam Pawlus and it consisted of two different droid packs that are exclusive to Entertainment Earth.


Entertainment Earth Direct Mail

This is a promotional flyer that was sent out via mail to promote new products in the store and to highlight multiple Entertainment Earth features especially the catalog.