Web Design

Welcome to my web design page. I am a web developer based out of Albany, NY. My strengths include html and css and I also have a little experience with javascript, jquery and php. I am extremely experienced with CMS systems including wordpress, squarespace, joomla and drupal. Below are just a few sites I have designed and developed in the past. Feel free to browse my work and I hope you enjoy!

Commercial Capital Training Group

I redesigned this website and developed it in wordpress using a purchased template that I customized to satisfy the requests of the CEO. I was able to implement a better user experience and increase traffic by almost 200% from the previous year.



Mowery Concepts

I developed this website using photoshop, HTML and CSS. My client, Andrew Mowery, is a remarkable carpenter and it was a great honor to design and build his website. He was very pleased with the outcome. The website allowed him the opportunity to market his services and build his business.



Light This Up

This site is still in production and this is just a mock-up for the client to review. Stay tuned and I will post a link to the live website once I am finished.


Anzak Global Finance

This website was created using wordpress for one of the graduates from the Commercial Capital Training course.




This website was created using wordpress and is used to promote an annual commercial loan broker conference for the National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers.



Donal Conn Associates

This site was created as a static site in HTML and CSS. I designed it with input from the client in photoshop. The website has since been redesigned by another designer, but I coded the website with the new design.



Corporate & Pharmacy Compliance

This site is a custom wordpress theme I created and was designed in photoshop. The original design is slightly different from the original design, but the site is still in production.



Tully Rinckey PLLC

This site was designed by me for Tully Rinckey Law Firm. It is a custom wordpress theme developed by Intellisites and I also was the project manager for the website overhaul.



Eco-Home Solutions LLC

This site was created for a Virginia based pest control specialist. I created the logo which can be found on my graphic design page. The site is no longer online as the owner decided to utilize his facebook page for his online presence.


Saratoga Luxury Rentals

This landing page was created to highlight 3 luxury rental properties located in Saratoga, NY. The landing page was created in HTML and CSS, but 3 property sites were developed using a flash template, which I customized into 3 different websites all looking very similar, but different. The sites were used to to rent out luxury homes for Saratoga track season. The image/website that you see is no longer online, but 1 of the 3 sites associated with it are.



Shltr Brand

This layout was created using photoshop and was landing page for our clothing brand at the Shelter Skate Park. It featured new products and some information about the brand.